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Sangelaj Hall
Sangelaj Hall
Sunday 26 December 2010 - 16:46

This theater was established by ministry of culture and art only for Iranian plays. The theater was built in a feld which a gentlewoman benefactor donated to municipality for the purpose of building a theater by the contractor “Arshavier Baba Iyan” and was submitted to Ministry of culture and art.

Sangelaj Hall
Location: Behesht St, southern side of Park Shahr,
Hafez St, Tehran
Phone: +982155156061, +982155635444
URL: www.sangelaj.ir
Dependency: Governmental
In 1965, 10th of October, The theater was formally started by arranging Iranian Plays Festival and named “25th of Shahrivar Hall”. It is written in its inauguration brochure
about the hall: “Fortunately, it became possible to inaugurate the frst equipped theater hall in Tehran by arranging the frst Iranian Plays Festival. It is tried to make this hall as equipped
as the best modern theater halls and it is named 25th of Shahrivar and located in center of Tehran where all the public can access. Active groups in that time consisted of frst group of national art under the supervision of Abbas Javan Mard, second group of national art under the supervision of Bahram Beiza’ee, People theater group under the supervision of Ali
Nasirian, Today theater group under supervision of Davood Rashidi, City theater group under the supervision of Jafar Vali, Mitra theater group under the supervision of Khalil Movahed Yalmoqani, Youth theater group under the supervision of Esma’eel Shangaleh.
By establishing theater program offce in 1964 and building 25th of Shahrivar Hall, many active people who initiated into theatrical business were employed in this
governmental offce and theater was converted from non-governmental into governmental. This was the frst time that some people as artists and directors were
employed by government and theater went under government’s fnancial support. Thus, 25th of Shahrivar hall became a place to perform Iranian plays and encourage playwrights. In 1973,
its policies were changed and unlike the past that only Iranian plays were performed there, it accepted its frst foreign play “Warden” written by Nikolai Gogol under the
direction of Ezat Allah Entezami. After 1978, the hall was renamed to Sangelaj theater and its activities continued under the supervision of Ministry of Culture and Islamic
guidance. In 2007, this complex was renovated for its third times by constructional plans department of ministry of Culture and Islamic guidance and it was closed for 6 months and it
reopened on 5th of February, 2008. Moreover Sangelaj theater has management rooms on the second foor and the theater has also a bookshop and cafeteria for artist and
audience. At present “Atabak Naderi is in charge. Sangelaj theater is the oldest active professional theater in Tehran.
Type: Proscenium Theater
Theater Capacity
Main Hall: 247 People
Balcony: 100 People
Stage Dimensions:
Proscenium Opening: 8.15m
Stage Depth: 10.45m
Proscenium Opening Height: 5.90m
Stage Height: 12.75m

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