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A historic voyage without judging/The report of rehearsing
A historic voyage without judging/The report of rehearsing "Ganjfeh" directed by Noushin Tabrizi
Tuesday 13 January 2015 - 10:57

Noushin Tabrizi proceeds the period of time between1315 to 1320 of Iran in "Ganjfeh". She is rehearsing this play to attend in the new theaters section oF Fadjr Festival these days.

Noushin Tabrizi, one of the directors who is interested in the contemporary history of Iran. She considers the period of time between1315 to 1320 in her new play which is getting prepared to participate in 33rd Fadjr International Festival. There are some known actors in her play. We decided to spend some time with her and the performing group of the play.
The theater's organization building is very crowded these days because of all the groups' rehearsing. The group of "Ganjfeh" is working in plateau 21 on the second floor of this building.
I join the group of "Ganjfeh" and try to talk to them. NoushinTabrizi says: "I have used different, various historical documents and resources and this is the greatest point of my play. We narrate the political and social events between1315 to 1320. This period has influenced a lot on the social life and the people because of The second world war, western ideologies and thoughts and the dominance of governors and the feudal system."
Tabrizi reminds: "I never judge. I show the situation and let the audience look from his own point of view. Now the people decide how to see the play."
Afterwards, I join the cast and ask them to talk about their roles.
Fariba Khademi who plays the role of Malekbanou, says:"This is my second experience with Noshin Tabrizi. I like her style of writing and her thoughts. She considers the issues that are my own trouble."
Linda Kiani is one of the active actresses who mostly does not interview and she plays in Ganjfeh. She says the most important reason to be in this play is a professional group and explains:" The role is very complicated and needs to be precise. All the roles differ and the audience does not face a monotonous play. It seems there is more than one writer."
Elham Shabani who plays the role of Golzar and is the costume designer as well, reminds:"The clothes are chosen and designed according to the period of time so it has come from the first Pahlavi period."
Mohamadreza Maleki is also one of the actors in the play. He points to the characteristics of historical works and says:"If we mention a special date, there is a possibility for the audience not to involve because mostly the audience prefers to discover."
Yaghoub Sabahi, Afshin Soleimanpour, Fariba Khademi, Elham Shabani, Mohamadreza Maleki, Linda Kiani, Pejman Jamshidi and Mohamad Haghshenas are the actors of "Ganjfeh" written and directed by Noushin Tabrizi.


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