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A narration of loneliness and complexity of modern human/A report from ”Fatalists” directed by Sima Tirandaz
A narration of loneliness and complexity of modern human/A report from ”Fatalists” directed by Sima Tirandaz
Wednesday 14 January 2015 - 10:54

Sima Tirandaz, is getting prepared to attend in the new plays section of 33rd Fadjr International Theater festival with the “Fatalists”.

According to public relations of 33rd Fadjr International Theater Festival, the group of “Fatalists” is rehearsing and preparing these days. We attended one of the rehearsing sessions in a plateau located in Mirdamad Boulevard to take a report.
At the beginning, Sima Tirandaz was reminding some points to her assistants and the actors were arriving one by one. This was a good opportunity to ask them some questions. First of all, we talked to Noora Hashemi who plays the role of Avaa. She explained her character and said :”I play a woman who is confused in her life and her present problems have come from her childhood crisis.”
Then after, we talked to Bahareh Moshiri who plays the role of a young provincial girl named Ghasideh. She said :”The Character of Ghasideh has a twist because she changes during the story and comes back to the normal life because of a child.”
Afterwards, we went out of the plateau with Rouzbeh Hesari to be able to talk to him because inside the plateau was noisy. He said :”I play the role of a skillful lawyer whose friendship, love and job are mixed in a bad way that it can destroy his life.”
When we came back to plateau, we had a moment to talk to Sima Tirandaz. She talked about the group of this play and said :”I enjoy every moment of working with this group and it gives me the courage to get along with all the problems.”
Tirandaz explained the drama of “fatalists” and said: “This text could be a screenplay. Fortunately, Haleh Moshtaghinia ,the writer, was with us in all the rehearsing sessions so that we could change the text to a performing form which was closer to my mind.”
After we talked, she asked the actors to begin to rehearse. But we had a chance to talk to Farnaz Rahnama before they start. She explained her role and said: “I play the role of Ladan who has a lot of samples in the society. All the characters have to give their biographies in five minutes in this play. Therefore it is not possible to use techniques and the actors have to touch the feelings of the audience to make the character more believable. Fortunately, all the actors have achieved this feeling and we could harmonize all the performances.”
Noura hashemi, Bahareh Moshiri, Houman Kiayi, Rouzbeh Hesari, Farnaz Rahnama and Yamin Atashi play in “Fatalists”.


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